Blood of the Hunter
Die Hard in Hogwarts. The Academy of Arcane Arts and Adventures has been taken over by the group of vampires. The players will need to infiltrate the castle, awaken the security Djinn to protect the students, and then pursue the vampires through the portal to rescue the kidnapped children.
Steamtooth Gambit
The merfolk city has been taken, and their princess has been kidnapped by the ruthless gnomish submarine pirate in a plot to get the Trident of the Sea. The players will need to help the merfolk people to liberate their palace, chase the Captain Steamtooth’s submarine, and defeat him and his kraken in order to rescue the princess.
Zeppelin Heist
The players need to rescue a rebellious teenage tiefling who was sentenced to life in prison for a petty crime. She is transported to prison by Zeppelin. Players will need to discover the Zeppelin’s schedule and route, steal griffons to chase it and board it, liberate Anabelle, escape and cover their tracks.
Players enter a happy village, where everyone turns out to be mind-controlled by brain-slugs. They will need to figure out what’s going on, deal with the increasingly hostile villagers, find the path towards the center of the slug’s hive-mind, and destroy it (or make peace with it).
Damsels and Dragons
The players meet a child dragon, he's crying because an Evil Princess has kidnapped his mom. The players will need to set her free from the Coliseum where she is forced to fight monsters and gladiators for public's entertainment.
Wild Rat Chase
In this adventure the players will meet the King who has been turned into a rat by his evil Vizier. They will need to overcome Vizier’s minions and reach the highest floor of Vizier's magical tower to acquire the wand that can turn the King back into a human.
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