Multiverse of Mystery

Multiverse of Mystery is a lighthearted, rules-lite, storytelling-focused, solo roleplaying game where you explore the multiverse, invent weird ideas, improvise mysteries, and go on wacky adventures in the style of “Rick and Morty” and “Gravity Falls”.

  • You are: An interdimensional explorer, inventor, and an adventurer.
  • You have: A portal device, a companion, and an ability to invent anything.
  • Your job: Explore the multiverse, solve mysteries, record your discoveries.

This game features:

  • Methods for generating and investigating unique and weird mysteries and adventures.
  • Very fast and simple character creation method, very minimalistic dice rolling rules.
  • Cool challenge prompts to fill your stories with fun obstacles to creatively overcome.
  • Hundreds of prompts for settings, characters, mysteries, and clues.

The main purpose of this game is to create the kind of stories and weird creative ideas you see in the "Morty's Mindblowers" episode of "Rick and Morty", "Bottomless Pit!" episode of "Gravity Falls", or the "The Scary Door" scenes from "Futurama". But you can also use it to tell more grounded stories and supernatural mysteries in the style of "X-Files" or "Fringe".

Portal illustration

Easy way to learn Solo Roleplaying and Storytelling

This is not just a game. This is a storytelling system designed to help you master the art of solo roleplaying, storytelling, and inventing creative ideas in an easy, fun, non-overwhelming way.

  • Start by playing one of the Micro Adventures (short scenes that take only a few minutes to play though). Think of them as creative exercises that will help you learn to discover weird and interesting ideas, invent and creatively overcome fun challenges, improvise comedy scenes, get comfortable with solo roleplay, and learn the fundamentals of storytelling.
  • Then play through the Mission-focused Adventures - a simple way to improvise full stories (like an episode of a TV show).
  • Then play through the Mystery-focused Adventures - a more advanced system for creating and improvising mysteries from scratch, with no preparation.
  • Finally, string all these types of adventures into a Long-term Campaign (think of it as a season of a TV show).

It's a roleplaying game, it's a story, it's a creative exercise, it's an adventure, it's everything you've ever wanted! It might even get you a girlfriend (no guarantees). So what are you worried about, go buy some real fake doors explore the Multiverse of Mystery!

Bonus: Magic School Mysteries

You will also get the "Magic School Mysteries" game as a bonus.

In this lighthearted, storytelling-focused, one-page roleplaying game you’ll play as a group of teen wizards studying at a magic school and solving mysteries in the style of Harry Potter, Scooby Doo, and Gravity Falls. You and your friends will improvise mysteries from scratch, with no preparation.

Magic School Mysteries illustration

The game also includes hundreds of prompts for the locations, characters, mysteries, and clues you can encounter in a magic school, as well as some cool spells and magic items.

Magic School Mysteries page previews
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