The Secret Room of Baron McDoom
In a steampunk city terrorized by the dastardly Baron McDoom, the heroes must infiltrate the mayor’s manor to find proof that he’s the secret alter-ego of the notorious supervillain.
Bone Voyage
Captured by the zombie pirates who sail a gigantic skeleton of an undead sea turtle, the players must obtain the Eternal Pearl - the only thing that can give them the power to defeat the pirates and escape.
Tomb of the Scorpion King
In an Egypt-themed fantasy metropolis the heroes must recover the stolen Scorpion Amulet before the cultists harness its power to resurrect their fallen leader, the Scorpion King.
Wings of Lumiwood
The heroes are hired by a an eccentric mage to venture into the depths of a bioluminescent forest of gigantic mushrooms and capture a Glitterwing (a rare butterfly-like creature that creates stardust, a priceless potion ingredient).
Whiskers, Wings, and Witchy Things
The players play as familiars of a witch. They must rescue her from a greedy King who has kidnapped her and tries to use her magic for profit.
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