Modular Adventure Design

If you want to run non-linear games where players can make meaningful choices that result in outcomes even the GM can not predict, you should try Modular Adventure Design.

The 3-Sentence Description Formula

A simple method for creating vivid, evocative descriptions.

Ask these questions to draw your players into the story

Learn how to ask leading questions to draw your players into the story and guide their improvisation.

4 ways to come up with fun character ideas

Learn to easily come up with interesting character ideas.

Run through the adventure in your mind

Take this step when you're preparing for the game, it will make you feel much more confident in your ability to run a good adventure.

Create Endless Adventure Ideas

How to create an endless amount of exciting adventure ideas that you and your players can't wait to play with.

Roleplaying Guidelines

Show your players this list of tips they can follow to get the most out of your games and help everyone have a great experience. It helped me to make our games much more fun, and it will help you and your players as well!

The Ultimate Guide to the Story Structure

A summary of everything I know about developing a plot and creating a good story structure.
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