Worlds Weird and Wonderful

This is a worldbuilding game about exploring the multiverse and creating weird ideas and worlds that defy our expectations (the style of “Rick and Morty” and “Gravity Falls”).


You and your friends will explore the multiverse, hop between zany dimensions, discover strange worlds, and improvise absurd, epic, or dramatic scenes that take place in these worlds.

This game is a:

  • A great way to stretch your creative muscles and invent fun, funny, and creative ideas.
  • Doesn't require a game master or any prep, all players contribute ideas and improvise the worlds from scratch. Just sit down and play.
  • No experience necessary. You can learn (or explain) the rules in 5 minutes. Easy to play, even for people who have never played this kind of game before.
  • Can be used to develop worlds for adventures and campaigns.
  • Designed for 3-5 players, but can be played solo as well. Designed for 1-1.5 hour session, but can be as fast as 15 minutes (as a warmup before a roleplaying session, for example).
  • Works great with Adventure Writers' Room (which is a similar game that can be used to build adventures in the worlds you invent), and with Multiverse of Mystery for an awesome solo roleplaying experience.

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Discord: lumenwrites