Adventure Writers' Room

This is a collaborative storytelling game about creating adventures for other roleplaying games.

By playing this game you will brainstorm creative ideas, develop them into an exciting story, and create an adventure you can add to your campaign, run as a one-shot, or publish.


This is a complete storytelling system, it includes:

  • Adventure Blueprint - a doc that will guide you through the adventure creation process, from brainstorming the initial ideas to developing them into a complete adventure. Go through it step-by-step, fill it with your ideas, and you will have an adventure you're ready to run for your players!
  • Hundreds of adventure prompts cards (as a digital tool) to inspire ideas for settings, characters, and stories.
  • Adventure Template - a google doc you can use to complete and publish your adventure.

Come join our Discord community to play with us!

Discord: lumenwrites