Roleplayers, Improvisers, and Storytellers

We are a group of people who love roleplaying games, collaborative storytelling, and improvisation. This community is for you if:

  • You want to become a better roleplayer, improviser, storyteller, or level up your GMing skills.
  • You are a Game Master and you want to create awesome adventures for your players to enjoy, or a writer looking to learn how to write and publish adventures.
  • You simply enjoy roleplaying and want to play some fun games in a group of friendly and creative people.

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Awesome stuff you will find here:

Roleplay Academy - Improv Workshops for Roleplayers and Game Masters
In our workshops we play short improv games and do fun exercises that will help you to learn the fundamental principles of good roleplaying, practice various skills that will make you a better storyteller and improviser, and help you to play (or run) better games.
Learn more

Adventure Academy - Learn to Create Awesome Adventures for Tabletop Roleplaying Games
This course will guide you through the process of creating awesome one-shot adventures for roleplaying games.
Learn more

Adventure Writers' Room - Brainstorm Adventure Ideas Together with other GMs
We meet in the discord voice chat, and challenge ourselves to improvise an adventure in 2 hours. Our goal is to brainstorm fun ideas and improvise stories together in a chill, lighthearted, no-pressure environment. It's very fun, and usually, by the end of the session, we end up creating a one-shot adventure we can run for our players (or publish).

Join our group, and you will learn to create adventures similar to the ones you see on our website. You can learn more about our writing process here.

Story Games
Story games are for people who love improvisation and freeform roleplay. They are typically rules-light, and focused on collaborative storytelling rather than combat and mathy rules and mechanics. These are the games that help us come up with new and interesting ideas, and help us become better storytellers, roleplayers, writers, improvisers.

GMd Roleplaying Sessions and Playtests
We also have your typical roleplaying sessions, where a GM prepares an adventure and runs it for a group of players. As everything else here, it's focused on roleplaying, storytelling, and improv, rather than boardgamey mechanics and combat encounters. The system we usually use is called Mirage, which is designed for this kind of play. But we're also open to playing other systems designed with these objectives in mind (like Fate or Risus).

More useful stuff:

  • Make friends with other storytellers, improvisers, and game masters.
  • Looking for feedback on your adventure? Feeling stuck and need some advice or help brainstorming ideas? Use our Adventure Writing channels. We'll be happy to help you out!
  • A collection of resources that will help you to get better at writing adventures.
  • Find people who will help you playtest your adventure.
  • Share and discuss GMing tips and advice.

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If you have any questions or encounter any issues, don't hesitate to contact me:

  • Email:
  • Discord: lumen#7925
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