Into The Deep


A dwarven town is being attacked by the gigantic sand worms. Dwarfs were building mines above the subterranean Drow settlement and accidentally caused cave-ins, breaking the tenuous peace between the two kingdoms. Drow retaliated by sending their Worm Riders and the Worm Master (capable of controlling the Worm Queen) to attack the town. Players need to steal the Worm Master’s worm controlling wormulet to put an end to the conflict.

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Meeting the Big Mama

Players are traveling to the Dwarven town to deliver the supplies. On their way they see carriages surrounded by dead bodies - these people were trying to leave the city.

As they get closer, in the distance they see barricades at the gates of the city, at which point they are attacked by the shark-sized sand worms bursting from the ground and trying to eat them.

Once the pack of the worms is defeated and they’re almost at the barricades, they are attacked by an angry train-sized Big Mama worm, attracted to the sounds of the battle.

Drow Predicament

At the barricades, players meet Grak (the Dwarven Leader). He tells them about the situation they’re in - after the Dwarven miners have accidentally collapsed the caves and killed a bunch of Drow underneath them, the drow are attacking the town in revenge. Players need to find out how the Drow are controlling the sand worms, and find a way to defeat them (or find some other way to put an end to this conflict).

The Valley of Death

The Dwarven town (Darili Irid) is built into the edges of the Grit Canyon. Players must make their way to the rocky surface of the mine entrance through the sandy valley at the bottom of the canyon.

They can use a dwarven Dune-Buggy-like contraption and have an exciting chase scene with angry worms on their tail, they can hand-glide in off of the edge of the canyon (risking to land too far away from the tunnels), or find some other way.

Into the Tunnels

In the tunnels the players will find an abandoned dwarven factory (contains dynamite, and spilled alchemical materials that mutate local critters), an underground river pouring into the bottomless abyss, and minecarts players can ride.

Deeper, the players will cross paths with a group of Worm Riders (think War Boys from Max Max) who are on their way to attack the town. On their necks, they have small amulets they’re using to control their worms. Worm Riders can be defeated in combat, have their steeds set upon them by destroying the amulets, or fooled (they’re not the brightest).

Players can ride the worms if they steal the amulets.

The Drow City

Players find the ancient metropolis illuminated by huge glowing mushrooms. They must sneak through the city streets and avoid getting noticed. Interrogating one of the Drow will reveal that the Worm Master resides in the palace in the middle of the city, and has the power to control the Big Mama.

The palace is well guarded, but the players can stealth their way in, use disguises, or lie and convince the guards to let them in.

His Worminess

In the throne room there is the Worm Master and, coiled around the throne, the Big Mama (Worm Master is lovingly rubbing her belly). Around his neck - a large glowing Wormulet.


Old creepy Drow Worm Master. Controls the worms using his Wormulet. Really loves his worms, perhaps even too much (think cat lady, but more sensual and tender). Uses Big Mama as his symbol of power.

If the players manage to steal the Wormulet, the Big Mama awakens and goes rogue. They need to figure out how to use the amulet before they’re the worm food.

If the Worm Master notices them, he rides her in battle against the players, and they must flee through the city streets (think big disaster movie) until they find a way to get the wormulet off of the Worm Master’s neck.

"You dare to threaten my babies? Big Mama, I awaken thee! Eat them, Daisy!”

If she swallows them, they will have to find a way out of her belly before it fills with the digestive juices.

If they go for a peaceful resolution, Worm Master will be willing to offer them much gold in exchange for betraying the Dwarves and leading Big Mama straight to the Dwarven Leader. He will be willing to settle for peace if the players find a persuasive enough argument.


If peace was achieved both cities prosper together. If the players have gained control of the wormulet, Dwarves will offer a large reward in exchange for the Wormulet (they can use sand worms to help them dig tunnels).

This adventure was made by the Adventure Writer's Room community. We are a group of GMs who meet in the discord voice chat, and challenge ourselves to improvise a one-shot adventure in 2 hours. Our goal is to brainstorm fun ideas and improvise stories together in a chill, lighthearted, no-pressure environment. It works, it really helps with the writing, and it is super fun.

We're looking for some friendly and creative people to join us!

Authors: Lumen, Phaselancer, Reddit21.
Art: In the House of the Worm by Michael Michera, Through the Canyon by Florent Lebrun.

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