Adventure Brainstorming Template
Use the Adventure Brainstorming Template as a living document, fill with your ideas as you go through the course. Copy it into a new google doc, go through it step by step, use it to guide you through the adventure creation process.

Adventure Writing Template.
Use the Adventure Writing Template to summarize everything you have brainstormed. This is where you will write a final draft of your adventure - put all the ideas together into a list of scenes that flow into each other, add up to an interesting story that makes sense.

Adventure Prompts Tool
Use the Adventure Prompts Tool to help you come up with the initial premise for the adventure. Randomize prompts and try doing a short one-minute pitch of a story based on them.

Published Adventures
Use the adventures we have already published as an inspiration.

Our Discord Server
Join our community to share your work and get writing help and feedback. You'll get to know a lot of friendly and creative people, and participating in a collaborative writing community will help you to stay motivated and complete your adventure.