Story Prompts

Story Prompts.

Adventure Prompts

  • Egyptian/Aztec Pyramids. Mummies. Curses. Traps.
  • Ancient/Lost Civilization. Atlantis. El Dorado. Ruins.
  • Classic horror. Haunted mansion, cabin in the woods.
  • Castle. Fortress. Magic School. Vampire castle.
  • Wild West. Cowboys, bandits, gold rush.
  • Steampunk. Elaborate machines, inventions.
  • Post-apocalyptic deadlands. Aftermath of a disaster.
  • War zone. Battleground between two great powers.
  • The Land of Outcasts/Exiles. Prison.
  • Inside a dream, illusion, game, VR.
  • On a vehicle. Zeppelin, Ship, Train, Submarine.
  • Underground. Tunnels, mines, glowing mushrooms.
  • Underwater. Merfolk. Kraken.
  • The world of the dead. Heaven/Hell. Grim Reaper.
  • Magic forest. Elves, druids, unicorns, creatures.
  • On a spaceship. Colony on an alien planet.
  • Scientific expedition. Secret research facility/labs.
  • Remote island. Tropical Jungle. Oasis. Bayou.
  • Wizard’s tower. Mysterious Lighthouse. Skyscraper.
  • Extreme weather. Cold, heat, maelstrom, radiation.
  • Spies. Secret government agents.
  • Secret Society/Conspiracy/Cult.
  • Crazy Scientist/Alchemist/Wizard.
  • Dark overlord and his minions. Oppressive regime.
  • Invaders. Terrorists, hostile foreign nation.
  • Organized crime. Mafia, crime families.
  • Robots. Aliens. Mutants.
  • Undead. Zombies. Ghosts. Vampires. Witches.
  • Body Snatchers. Parasites that control your mind.
  • Giant Monsters. Dinosaurs/Mammoths,Dragons,Kaiju.
  • Pirates. Tortuga, Freeport. Ships. Treasure.
  • Ninjas/Samurai.
  • Ancient Curse/Prophecy.
  • Portal to another world. Unsealed Gate.
  • Baby monster. Alien/dragon egg.
  • Creatures/objects turned sentient/superintelligent.
  • A person turned into an animal or vice versa.
  • Heroes are shrunk to a tiny size.
  • Story from the perspective of small animals.
  • Love potion. Forbidden love. Romeo and Juliet.
  • Child/innocent with dangerous powers

More Ideas

  • Adapt a movie, book, game, TV show, myth, fairytale.
  • Combine two ideas together to create something new.
  • Add a twist, change a key element.
  • Unexpected genre, setting, characters, etc.


  • Obtain/Steal McGuffin/Information.
  • Kill or capture a person/creature.
  • Protect/Rescue a person/creature/item.
  • Escort/deliver/smuggle a person/creature/item/info.
  • Travel to a distant location through dangerous lands.
  • Explore a dangerous location, find something.
  • Survive in a hazardous environment, return home.
  • Destroy a target item/location.
  • Invade a location, or defend it from invaders.
  • Break out of captivity. Escape from pursuit.
  • Rob a train/caravan/galeon/zeppelin.
  • Solve a mystery/crime. Strange events, dark secret.
  • Discover the fate of a missing person/group.
  • Uncover a conspiracy, secret plot. Find a spy/traitor.
  • Heist. Enter/exit guarded location, don’t get caught.
  • Infiltrate and spy, go undercover.
  • Find evidence. Prove guilt/innocence. Clear the name.
  • Perform/sabotage a task. Perform ritual, build weapon.
  • Convince/manipulate someone into doing something.
  • Make allies. Impress/Befriend someone. Find love.
  • Seize political power. Gain status, influence, fame.
  • Negotiate. Resolve conflict, broker peace, close deal.
  • Cause conflict, pit people/factions against each other.
  • Convince/Manipulate/Force someone to do something
  • Redeem or corrupt a person. Teach them a lesson.
  • Make allies. Befriend/Seduce someone.
  • Rebellion. Overthrow an evil overlord.
  • Run a society/group/organization/army/team.
  • Ensure that an important event goes without a hitch.
  • Plant an item. Frame someone for a crime.
  • Find evidence to convict someone of a crime.
  • Win a competition. Put on a show.
  • Defeat a horde or a swarm, clear out an infestation.

Customizing Goals

  • Prevent the antagonist from doing any of the above.
  • Help someone else to do any of the above.
  • Combine multiple goals. They complicate each other.
  • Do it stealthy, no clues/witnesses.
  • Avoid violence, collateral damage. Target unharmed.
  • Do it while competing with the rival team.
  • Do it under time pressure.
  • Do it while pretending to be someone else.
  • Do it with incomplete/false information.
  • Do it with limited resources, no preparation.
  • Do it while being supervised (media/client/police).
  • Do it while protecting someone.
  • Do it while you’re forced to cooperate with an enemy.
  • Accomplish it through social/political means only.
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