Story Games

Story games are for people who love improvisation and freeform roleplay. We go on imaginary adventures in a lighthearted atmosphere with other friendly and creative people. Together we improvise stories from scratch, with no preparation. It is a combination of roleplaying, brainstorming, collaborative storytelling, and improv. If you feel like stretching your creative muscles - come join us on one of our adventures!

How to Play


We use the Story Template to guide us through the game. First, we brainstorm to establish the important elements of our adventure: interesting premise, our goal, setting, characters, and challenges we may encounter.

Create Characters

Create the player characters, establish who they are, what abilities they have, their motivations and relationships.

Freeform Roleplay

Then we roleplay - improvise the scenes of our adventure, trying to tell a fun story, making things up as we go.

All players actively contribute to the story, introduce new ideas, fill in missing information, create interesting situations, help to advance the plot and take the adventure in new directions.

Freeform roleplay doesn’t have many rules - there’s nothing stopping us from doing anything we can imagine, but we trust each other to play fairly - avoid gamebreaking actions, do things that make sense in the story, and try to make it interesting and fun for other players.

Take a look at our guidelines to become a better player and get the most out of our games.

Tell a fun story

We win the game if we have created an interesting story that makes sense and resolves in an awesome and satisfying climax.

Playing Scenes

The Story Template contains a list of key plot points, we use them to guide our improv, strive to incorporate them into our story.

We can play up to three short (5-10 minutes) scenes per plot point, or one big one (no longer than 20 minutes).

Game Master

One player becomes a Game Master (GM) - the narrator of our story. GM describes the world around the players, plays the role of non-player characters, decides what challenge the players will face next, and narrates the consequences of their actions.

The Lead Player

After establishing a scene, the GM chooses a PC who will take the Lead on dealing with the challenge. The Lead can choose one or two other PCs who will actively participate in the scene. The players describe their approach to solving the challenge, the outcome is determined by rolling dice.

Players take turns GMing scenes

The player who took the Lead in the last scene will GM the next one.

Collaborative Storytelling

If the current GM has trouble figuring out what happens next, they can ask other players for suggestions, or tap out and let someone else continue the story. When necessary, we can pause between the scenes for a quick brainstorm and figure things out together.

Rolling Dice

After you describe your approach to solving a challenge, roll a 20-sided die to determine the outcome. If you roll above the target number (set by the GM) - you succeed. Otherwise you suffer a negative consequence, setback, or a complication.

The target number represents your likelihood of success, it depends on the difficulty of the task, situation you’re in, and your approach to solving a challenge. GM sets lower target numbers for easier tasks and clever solutions, and higher numbers for difficult situations and risky actions. If you saw characters in a movie attempt something like this, would you expect it to work?

If your character is using an ability relevant to the task you’re attempting, you roll with advantage (roll two dice and take the best result). Type !roll in the chat for a regular roll, type !adv to roll with advantage.

Come play with us!

Come join our Discord server to find other people to play with.

Play Offline

To play offline, you need a print out the rules. You also need some 20-sided dice (ideally 2 per player, but 1 die for the group will do), and a print out of the blank-story-template to write down your ideas on.

Prompts App
A large collection of prompts that will help you to write or improvise adventures. Adventure ideas, antagonists, settings, challenges - everything you need!
Adventure Writer's Room
We are a group of GMs who meet in the discord voice chat, and challenge ourselves to improvise a one-shot adventure in 2 hours. Our goal is to have fun brainstorming ideas in a chill, lighthearted, no-pressure environment. We’re looking for some friendly and creative people to join us!
A rules-light game for people who love storytelling, improvisation, and freeform roleplay. Go on imaginary adventures, play out fun stories in a lighthearted atmosphere with other friendly and creative people. Come play with us!
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