Tusks and Scales


A shaman of the mountain tribe of mammoth shapeshifters, desperate to protect his people from the tribe of were-dinosaurs, has cast a spell to find and summon the only heroes who can save his tribe (players).

Their goal is to travel through the prehistoric jungle to the Dinosaur Graveyard and stop the Dinofolk shaman from performing the sacrificial rituals that give his warriors the powers to turn into dinosaurs.

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Prehistoric Volcanic Island. Volcano recently became active, its lava is gradually filling the lower parts of the island, making the Dinofolk settlements uninhabitable, and forcing them to move up into the mountains. Now they're in a fierce battle for the territory with the mountain tribe of mammoth worshipers.

Primitive tribes of Ape-men live in the jungle between them, vampire-bats (the ancestors of the modern day vampires) live in the caves.

Summoning Ritual

A Shaman summons the players into the cave where he and the other tribe's people (women and children) are hiding from the attack of the Dinofolk.

Seshi Twintusk (Tusk Tribe Shaman)

Old and wise, desperate to protect his people.

As the battle rages outside, he explains the dire situation - his tribe has suffered many losses ever since Dinofolk have gained the ability to shapeshift into actual dinosaurs.

This spell he cast is his last hope, it is meant to summon the heroes who can save his tribe. The players must travel through the jungle, find the Dinotribe, and put an end to this conflict.

But first - help the Tusk warriors to defeat the remaining Dinotribe warriors outside of the caves.

Defending the Caves

Some of the Dinotribe people are riding raptors, others have shapeshifted into dinosaurs. One of them is a T-Rex. Tusk Shaman follows the players out of the caves and helps them in battle, by shapeshifting into a mammoth. After the battle, the remaining few Dinotribe warriors will escape. Players can choose to chase them, making it easier to find the Dinotribe.

The Prehistoric Jungle

Players make their way through the jungle (possibly chasing/tracking the escaping Dinotribe warriors). There’s a river of lava on their way that they must figure out how to cross. Once deep inside the jungle, they will find themselves surrounded by the warriors of the Ape Tribe.

Ape Tribe Camp

Ape Tribe has captured the Dinofolk warriors, and possibly the players. Dinofolk are about to be ritualistically executed in the middle of the arena.

Chief Grog

Primitive caveman leader of the ape tribe. Dull but severe.

Helping the Dinofolk escape will turn them into player’s allies who can lead them to the tribe. If Apemen will notice the escape, they will chase players through the jungle.

The Vampire Caves

Chased by the Ape Tribe, players have to take a shortcut through the caves filled with vampire bats. Apes are too afraid to pursue players inside. To make it through the cave, the players will have to defeat the vampires, or hide/escape from them. On the other side of the caves is the Dinotribe settlement.

The Dino Camp

The Dino Camp is being slowly consumed by the lake of molten lava, their people are fighting to stay alive. Players will learn about the dinosaur graveyard, where the Shaman is performing the sacrificial ritual, killing the dinosaurs to imbue his warriors with the power of their souls.

The Dinosaur Graveyard

When players arrive here, the volcano erupts again, causing burning rocks to fall from the sky.

The Wretched One (Dinofolk Shaman)

Cunning and power-hungry dinosaur worshiper, obsessed with turning people into dinosaurs.

Players can defeat the shaman and his dino warriors in battle, or find a peaceful resolution and convince them to move to the mountains peacefully, joining forces with the mammoth tribe (who will give them shelter from lava).

This adventure was made by the Adventure Writer's Room community. We are a group of GMs who meet in the discord voice chat, and challenge ourselves to improvise a one-shot adventure in 2 hours. Our goal is to brainstorm fun ideas and improvise stories together in a chill, lighthearted, no-pressure environment. It works, it really helps with the writing, and it is super fun. We're looking for some friendly and creative people to join us!

Authors: Lumen, Necro, Deathlisk, Red.
Art: Dino Riders by Saad Irfan.

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