Do or Dry


Players are playing as tiny forest creatures. Their bayou is suffering from drought, the river nearby has dried out because the humans living nearby have built a dam. The animals need to destroy the dam, while being pursued by the animal “mafia” led by a Fox mastermind and a cocky Rattlesnake.

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Shakedown At Crickmoss

A gang of weasels rolls into Crickmoss - a peaceful village inhabited by small woodland creatures. The weasels are here to sell water, at exorbitant prices. They extort the town's mayor and boss everyone around. The town can’t afford to buy water for everyone, and after the weasels leave, the players must urgently go and solve the drought issue. Their plans are overheard by a mole who slinks away to report the situation to his boss.

Uncivil Serpent

As players travel through the jungle towards the river (The Big Wet), they are accosted by a huge Rattlesnake (Dirty Monty). He tries to threaten them into turning away, and the players must find a way around him. If he suspects that they will disobey, he will attack. It is clear that he is too powerful to be defeated in a fair fight, so the players must flee or come up with some creative solution (the forest is full of opportunities to set up a trap or an ambush, the snake can be bribed or tricked).

Battle at the Fort Chuckwood

The riverbed has completely dried out. There’s a small beaver dam being currently attacked by a gang of rowdy Salamander Pirates. The pirates have attached little wheels to their ship, enabling them to “sail” the dry river. If the players defeat the pirates, they can use their ship as a way of transportation. If the ship is destroyed or damaged, the grateful beavers will make players a new one.

Up the River

As the players travel up the river, they will have to overcome The Churn (former River Rapids, now huge rocks and cliffs), get through the Gatortown - a group of layabout gators (they’ll agree not to eat you if you convince them that you can bring back the water), and get past human kids playing nearby (the kids are excited to see the animals and want them as pets).

Eventually the players will arrive at the dam that is blocking the river, and the human frontier town next to it.


The weasels we have seen before are gathering water through the leaks in the dam, and carrying it to Edgewood - an animal settlement built at the junkyard next to the human city.

If they notice the players, weasels will capture them and take them to their boss - Mr. Slysilver. If players remain hidden, they can track the weasels back to their headquarters.

Mr. Slysilver

A fox Mob Boss with the personality of Gus Fring. Used his control over the water to gain power and take over the city.

Players learn that the former mayor of Edgewood is locked up in jail, or are thrown into jail with him.

He knows the weak spot in the dam, and how to bring it down - there’s a ship up-river from the dam that can be stolen and steered into it. He will help the players if they help him escape.

Through the Town

To get to the docks, the players must make their way through the town. They will make their way through the streets filled with humans, wagons, and horses. Cross a busy road, get into the middle of a drunken bar fight. If they get noticed by people, they will be hunted by animal control.

Stealing the Ship

The docks are guarded by a night watchman and a group of dutiful german shepherds. The players will need to get through the fence, through the docs, and onto the ship. On board, they will have to deal with the drowsy ship captain and his sailors.

Once they have managed to take control of the ship, they can steer it into the dam.


The ship smashes into the dam, destroying it. The heroes gloriously ride the wave of refreshing water down the river, back home. The town is saved, and the ship becomes a part of their settlement.

This adventure was made by the Adventure Writer's Room community. We are a group of GMs who meet in the discord voice chat, and challenge ourselves to improvise a one-shot adventure in 2 hours. Our goal is to brainstorm fun ideas and improvise stories together in a chill, lighthearted, no-pressure environment. It works, it really helps with the writing, and it is super fun. We're looking for some friendly and creative people to join us!

Authors: Lumen, Phaselancer, Hex, LiamIsMailBackwards, vmarie, Kali.
Art: Andreas Rocha, Jorry Rosman.

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