High Concept Ideas

  1. A location is overtaken by the bad guys.

    Die Hard on a ship/plane/train, in a magic school.

  2. Shrunk to a tiny size.

    Maybe swallowed by a creature.
    Honey I shrunk the Kids, Ant Man, Anatomy Park.

  3. Sentient creatures/objects.

    Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast.

  4. Portal to another world.

    Mist, Stargate. A baby monster. An alien/dragon egg. A boy and his robot. Body Snatchers, Brain Slugs - parasites that control your mind. Shapeshifter - person/monster that can assume any form. Traditionally evil guys are good and vice versa (Shrek, Descendants, Megamind, Suicide Squad). Befriend a creature (ET, How to Train your Dragon, Ratatouille, Astro Kid, Pokemon). Artificial Intelligence, sentient construct (Terminator, Wall-E, Avengers:The Age of Ultron). An accident causes captive dinosaurs/monsters/demons/zombies to escape (Jurassic Park). Can’t go below the speed limit (Speed, Crank, The X-Files “Drive” episode). Change age - kids turn into old people or vice versa. A person turned into an animal or vice versa. An artifact from a lost civilization (a robot/golem/computer/weapon). Trapped in a confined environment with a monster (Alien). Possession, switching bodies (Freaky Friday). First Contact with an alien race (Arrival, Alien Nation, Contact, District 9, Star Trek, V series) Love potion. An experimental subject of a crazy scientist/wizard. Ancient/Lost Civilization. Atlantis.

Gigantic Monster (Godzilla, Cloverfield, King Kong, Kaiju). Superheroes/Supervillains. Ghosts, haunted house/village. Restless spirits that need to be placated. Undead (Zombies, Vampires). Pirates. Ninjas. Secret society/cult. Underground civilization. Underwater adventure. Merefolk. Two huge powers (monsters, giants, powerful mages, armies) fight each other

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