1. Obtain/Steal McGuffin/Information.
  2. Kill or capture a person/creature.
  3. Protect/Rescue a person/creature/item.
  4. Escort/deliver/smuggle a person/creature/item/info.
  5. Travel to a distant location through dangerous lands.
  6. Explore a dangerous location, find something.
  7. Survive in a hazardous environment, return home.
  8. Destroy a target item/location.
  9. Invade a location, or defend it from invaders.
  10. Break out of captivity. Escape from pursuit.
  11. Rob a train/caravan/galeon/zeppelin.
  12. Solve a mystery/crime. Strange events, dark secret.
  13. Discover the fate of a missing person/group.
  14. Uncover a conspiracy, secret plot. Find a spy/traitor.
  15. Heist. Enter/exit guarded location, don’t get caught.
  16. Infiltrate and spy, go undercover.
  17. Find evidence. Prove guilt/innocence. Clear the name.
  18. Perform/sabotage a task. Perform ritual, build weapon.
  19. Convince/manipulate someone into doing something.
  20. Make allies. Impress/Befriend someone. Find love.
  21. Seize political power. Gain status, influence, fame.
  22. Negotiate. Resolve conflict, broker peace, close deal.
  23. Cause conflict, pit people/factions against each other.
  24. Convince/Manipulate/Force someone to do something
  25. Redeem or corrupt a person. Teach them a lesson.
  26. Make allies. Befriend/Seduce someone.
  27. Rebellion. Overthrow an evil overlord.
  28. Run a society/group/organization/army/team.
  29. Ensure that an important event goes without a hitch.
  30. Plant an item. Frame someone for a crime.
  31. Find evidence to convict someone of a crime.
  32. Win a competition. Put on a show.
  33. Defeat a horde or a swarm, clear out an infestation.

Customizing Goals

  1. Prevent the antagonist from doing any of the above.
  2. Help someone else to do any of the above.
  3. Combine multiple goals. They complicate each other.
  4. Do it stealthy, no clues/witnesses.
  5. Avoid violence, collateral damage. Target unharmed.
  6. Do it while competing with the rival team.
  7. Do it under time pressure.
  8. Do it while pretending to be someone else.
  9. Do it with incomplete/false information.
  10. Do it with limited resources, no preparation.
  11. Do it while being supervised (media/client/police).
  12. Do it while protecting someone.
  13. Do it while you’re forced to cooperate with an enemy.
  14. Accomplish it through social/political means only.
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