Wonder Wilds


The players need to rescue a rebellious teenage tiefling (Anabelle) who was sentenced to life in prison for a petty crime, and is now being delivered to the prison. She is being transported by Zeppelin, guarded by Paladins. Players will need to steal the papers describing the Zeppelin’s schedule and route, steal griffons to chase it and board it, find and liberate Anabelle, escape and cover their tracks.

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A large collection of prompts that will help you to write or improvise adventures. Adventure ideas, antagonists, settings, challenges - everything you need!
Adventure Writer's Room
We are a group of GMs who meet in the discord voice chat, and challenge ourselves to improvise a one-shot adventure in 2 hours. Our goal is to have fun brainstorming ideas in a chill, lighthearted, no-pressure environment. We’re looking for some friendly and creative people to join us!
A rules-light game for people who love storytelling, improvisation, and freeform roleplay. Go on imaginary adventures, play out fun stories in a lighthearted atmosphere with other friendly and creative people. Come play with us!
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