Adventure Prompts

  1. Egyptian/Aztec Pyramids. Mummies. Curses. Traps.
  2. Ancient/Lost Civilization. Atlantis. El Dorado. Ruins.
  3. Classic horror. Haunted mansion, cabin in the woods.
  4. Castle. Fortress. Magic School. Vampire castle.
  5. Wild West. Cowboys, bandits, gold rush.
  6. Steampunk. Elaborate machines, inventions.
  7. Post-apocalyptic deadlands. Aftermath of a disaster.
  8. War zone. Battleground between two great powers.
  9. The Land of Outcasts/Exiles. Prison.
  10. Inside a dream, illusion, game, VR.
  11. On a vehicle. Zeppelin, Ship, Train, Submarine.
  12. Underground. Tunnels, mines, glowing mushrooms.
  13. Underwater. Merfolk. Kraken.
  14. The world of the dead. Heaven/Hell. Grim Reaper.
  15. Magic forest. Elves, druids, unicorns, creatures.
  16. On a spaceship. Colony on an alien planet.
  17. Scientific expedition. Secret research facility/labs.
  18. Remote island. Tropical Jungle. Oasis. Bayou.
  19. Wizard’s tower. Mysterious Lighthouse. Skyscraper.
  20. Extreme weather. Cold, heat, maelstrom, radiation.
  21. Spies. Secret government agents.
  22. Secret Society/Conspiracy/Cult.
  23. Crazy Scientist/Alchemist/Wizard.
  24. Dark overlord and his minions. Oppressive regime.
  25. Invaders. Terrorists, hostile foreign nation.
  26. Organized crime. Mafia, crime families.
  27. Robots. Aliens. Mutants.
  28. Undead. Zombies. Ghosts. Vampires. Witches.
  29. Body Snatchers. Parasites that control your mind.
  30. Giant Monsters. Dinosaurs/Mammoths,Dragons,Kaiju.
  31. Pirates. Tortuga, Freeport. Ships. Treasure.
  32. Ninjas/Samurai.
  33. Ancient Curse/Prophecy.
  34. Portal to another world. Unsealed Gate.
  35. Baby monster. Alien/dragon egg.
  36. Creatures/objects turned sentient/superintelligent.
  37. A person turned into an animal or vice versa.
  38. Heroes are shrunk to a tiny size.
  39. Story from the perspective of small animals.
  40. Love potion. Forbidden love. Romeo and Juliet.
  41. Child/innocent with dangerous powers

More Ideas

  1. Adapt a movie, book, game, TV show, myth, fairytale.
  2. Combine two ideas together to create something new.
  3. Add a twist, change a key element.
  4. Unexpected genre, setting, characters, etc.
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